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Sunday, June 03, 2007



3524 SE 52nd Ave.

Date: 5/27/07
Arrival: 10am

Yes, Sweetness rules so much it deserves a second write-up on the PDX Breakfast Blog. I arrived at 10am to find my friend Kay behind the counter with SO many lovely pastries to chose from. She also mentioned that there were 4 different waffle brunch options that morning. WOW. I really had a hard time deciding, so I ordered a sticky bun to munch on while I waited for my friend Natalie to arrive. It was delicious.

Natalie ordered the savory waffle with chicken. Now, before you think to yourself, "Uh, what? Chicken 'n Waffles? WTF?!" Let me tell you that this is a pretty popular meal in the South. It also seemed to be a popular meal in Oakland, CA when I was last there. I don't normally eat chicken, but I tried a bite and it was pretty amazing, I must say. I've never had a savory waffle before, so I wanted to at least try it. I would recommend it to any meat-eater friend out there.

I ordered the strawberry rhubarb waffle. Look at how amazing it is! Dang, it was pretty awesome. Again, I was loving all of the fresh fruit on the side.

If you haven't been to Sweetness yet, do yourself a favor and go there for brunch. Not only is the food AMAZING, you are also supporting Kay and Gretchen, two of FoPo's finest ladies. I also hear that their chocolate chip cookes are to die for. I'll have to try them next time!

Wait Time Inside: 0 minutes
Wait Time For Food: 5-10 minutes
Service: the best
Food: Amazing!
Options: Usually 3-4 brunch options, plus a whole plethora of pastries, muffins, etc. on the counter.
Price: $2.50 - $6ish
Atmosphere: friendly, laid back, great music


Blogger erin said...

That looks delicious. Seriously.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Miss Lynsey Downs said...

hello. oh ma gawd, please take me there when i visit again (next year!). thankyou! lyns. x

1:24 PM  

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