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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cup & Saucer Café

Cup & Saucer Cafe
3000 NE Killingsworth

Arrival: 10:30am

Okay, so I've already reviewed this particular Cup 'n Saucer, but it doesn't hurt to check for consistency of awesomeness, right? Right. Plus this breakfast was completely in honor of the lovely Sara moving back to Portland the night before. The poor girl has been craving corn cakes for months while living in NYC. She was finally able to put that craving to rest this past Sunday morning. Our wait time was rather long (almost 30 minutes), but that's to be expected when you arrive at a popular breakfast spot after 10am. It was worth it in the end because we lucked out with the best booth in the back and an extremely friendly waitress who was not shy about refilling the coffee cups.

As I mentioned, Sara ordered corn cakes, or should I say corn CAKE, as one cake is definitely plenty! She gave it two thumbs up, wayyy up.

I can't recall the name of Kara's meal, but it was some sort of awesome potato scramble with eggs, green onions, cheddar, garden sausage, and maybe a couple of other mystery ingredients that I am forgetting. She was happpy with it, I was happy looking at it.

I just realized that I have neglected to mention in this blog one of the strangest things that Kara does during breakfast time. She creates these weird little Kara concoctions on the side of her plate. Usually it's ketchup with half a bottle of black pepper mixed in. This time it was ketchup with aardvark sauce swirled together. It looked quite disgusting, but she assured me that it's delicious. I'll be sure to document this next time with the camera.

I think I'm becoming somewhat of a predictable breakfast person. French toast, again? Well, I'm sorry but I've become a sucker for French toast on Challah bread (holllaaaa!). It's pretty much the best thing ever. The fruit cup on the side was also delicious.

In exciting breakfast news, Jay will be making a triumphant comeback to the world of breakast in the next couple of weeks due to a work schedule change. You may remember Jay as Kara's bearded fella who ordered biscuits and gravy quite often. He'll be back in full force soon (sans beard!).

Wait Time Inside: 30 minutes
Wait Time For Food:
15-20 minutes

Friendliest out of all of the Cup 'n Saucer locations

totes awes

lots of scrambles, very vegan/veggie friendly.

Price: $7-8
Busy, friendly, nice art on the wall


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dag nabbit! now im hone-gry all over again. . . . . . .

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