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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Screen Door

Screen Door

2337 E. Burnside


The Screen Door has already been reviewed in my blog, but that doesn't mean it does not deserve a second write-up. Their specials menu is constantly changing, making it easy to try something new each and every time you visit. Mike McCusker was in town from England and we wanted to treat him to a good ol' fashioned American breakfast. The Screen Door is one of the best places to take a guest, so we quickly drove down Burnside and met up with some friends there.

Mike is a pretty adventurous eater. He wanted to try everything on the menu, but instead opted for the tofu & egg scramble with a side of cheese grits AND a side of biscuits and vegetarian gravy. This was Mike's first time having grits and he said it tasted similar to porridge or Chinese rice pudding. Hmmm, I guess I'll have to take his word on that. The waitress seemed enamored with his accent and kept smiling and saying "hun" to him every time he spoke. I'm pretty sure he could have got a free meal out of her if he would have asked.

My goal was to order something off of the specials menu. I went with the special mushroom scramble, which was slightly different from the one on the regular menu, but I can't recall why. It doesn't really matter because it was delicious. Also, Screen Door makes some of the best potatoes in town. They really know how to season them well and I think they've even improved from the last time I was there.

Mandy ordered the frittata on the specials menu which came with spinach, cheese, and some other ingredient that I'm forgetting. The Screen Door is Mandy's favorite breakfast spot, and she is always happy when she is there. She is pretty much their spokesperson.

I can't remember what Kara and Jay ordered, but it was either the Alabama Scramble or the Cajun Scramble. Or perhaps it was the Mushroom Scramble. Geez, I better take notes next time. I know f'sho that they shared an order of biscuits 'n gravy.

Really, you can't go wrong with anything on the Screen Door menu. We walked away completely satisfied . . . and ready to take a nap.

Wait Time Inside: 10 minutes, not long at all for our party of 5.

Wait Time For Food:
15-20 minutes
Very friendly
no complaints from anyone!
Options: Lots of options
Price: $7.95 – 8.95

Southern hospitality in PDX


Blogger kara lee said...

twas the mushroom scrams!

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