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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Noah's Bagels

Noah’s Bagels

3541 SE Hawthorne



Noah’s is a good place to stop for a cheap and quick breakfast bagel, especially when you are busy shopping on Hawthorne. If you are an observant Portlander, you'll probably notice that the picture up above is not the Noah's on Hawthorne but instead is the one on NW 23rd. I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of the outside, so this one will have to do for now.

I could’ve easily gone to the Cup ‘n Saucer across the street, but did I want to wait alone for 5 hours to get my food? No way. Noah’s is fast and reliable. It is most definitely not the best breakfast in town, but if you are on the go, it is a perfect power meal. All you need to do is stand in line for 5 minutes and voila, breakfast bagel. It’s like fast food without the guilt of eating at a fast food chain (that only makes sense in my brain). Their “egg mits” are pretty tasty. I ordered the egg mit with spinach, mushrooms, and swiss. It could’ve used a bit more flavor flave (perhaps garlic), but that’s okay. I was happy, satisfied, and able to move on to more important things like shopping for a birthday present.

Wait Time Inside: 5 minutes
Wait Time For Food:
5 minutes

Fast! No table service, just stand in line.

Not the greatest, but always reliable.

“Egg Mits”, breakfast paninis, and bagels with shmears, of course.

Egg Mit + bottled water = $5.48

fast, lots of seating, nice windows for prime people watching


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