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Sunday, April 15, 2007



1742 SE 12th

Date: 4/7/07
Arrival: 9:30am

Juniors is an old favorite of mine and has a special place inside my withered old heart. It is nestled inside a cute neighborhood on SE 12th. In my past breakfast life, I always arrived at Juniors at around 11am with about a 30 minute average wait. On this particular morning I was up early and so was my roommate, Mandy. We managed to arrive at 9:30am, beating the crowds and landing a cozy booth in the back of the restaurant. Juniors is not huge, there are only a small handful of green, sparkly booths and a couple of tables.

To prove just how early we were there - take a look at this cute old couple that was sitting next to us. I immediately fell in love with them (my apologies for the dark photos).

I convinced Mandy to order the Country Scramble (mushrooms, garden sausage, parsley, jack cheese, and black pepper). She gazed at the sausage with a suspicious eye, but I took a bite and reassured her that it was not real pork sausage. She ended up enjoying her meal a lot, thankfully.

I ordered the Greek Scramble (spinach, tomatoes, feta, and garlic). It was delicious and Juniors has great toast. I’m not sure why their toast is so good, it just is. I remember their potatoes being better about 4 years ago, but that’s okay.

This was yet another great breakfast experience at Juniors. Out of the 5+ years I’ve been eating there, I can’t remember a single time I’ve been disappointed. The wait staff also earns bonus points for having the same music taste as me, it’s nice to be serenaded by your favorite bands while eating an amazing scramble.

Wait Time Inside: 0 minutes

Wait Time For Food: 20 minutes

Service: Very friendly
Food: Great scrambles, vegan and veggie friendly
Options: There are many options, sometimes I have a hard time deciding.

Price: $7.25 – 8.50

Atmosphere: fun, old school décor, great music!


Blogger kara lee said...

mmmm. . . .the country scramble is my FAVORITE! the bread is delish - its grand central wheat and italian como!

9:30 AM  

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